Now more than ever, communicating and working from a distance effectively, matters. To ensure that you can stay connected affordably, we've temporarily lowered our cost of deployment and management. ❤️

Empower your team, Outwit your competition

In any organization, the importance of effective communication and security of IP and operational data can never be overemphasized.

However, companies continue to give overloaded tools to employees while expecting them to produce their best. In addition, they pass valuable company data to competitors by using the third-party services that they rely on to keep their business running.

Our job is to tailor everyday tools to suit your internal processes and bring the best out of your team members while ensuring you maintain full ownership and control of company IP and customer data.

Simply put, we help you empower your team to exceed your expectations while keeping you in charge of your business.


ERPNext - Business meets precision

ERPNext is the world's most flexible ERP. It makes it easy to manage every aspect of your business operations seamlessly and without friction. Its clean interface means there are no interferences thereby enabling your team to work with god-like precision

  1. Fully Integrated

    Keep business processes in one place. ERPNext fully integrates the different parts of your business so you don't have to use multiple software.

  2. Total Control

    Easy to set rules, permissions and policies means that different employees only see different parts of the same picture.

  3. Low Cost

    No need to pay outrageous fees every year that make sticking to manual operations tempting. The open source version of ERPNext is 100% free. Running the cloud version on your servers costs ONLY a one-time fee of just $85,000.


ERPNext Customer

Mattermost - High Trust Messaging for the Enterprise

Mattermost is a flexible, open source messaging platform that enables secure team collaboration. It unifies people, tools, data, and automations to help your team increase innovation and agility.

  1. Secure Conversations

    Built for security-conscious organizations, Mattermost’s self-hosted deployment ensures you maintain complete control of your data and communications.

  2. Centralized Control

    Mattermost Enterprise Edition lets you granularly control and restrict usage and permissions to maintain centralized governance and compliance.

  3. Peak Productivity

    Empower operation managers to build the best workflows for your company, minimize bottlenecks, and collaborate confidently


Mattermost conversations

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