Who We Are

Maxtreme is a Music Distribution and Talent Management Company established with an aim of helping Talents maximize their unique greatness and profit from it, doing so with a consciousness of leaving a timeless impact in their industry.

What We Do

Talent Management

We build and manage Talents/Artistes’ brand, hence putting in place structures and strategies that will help them become one of the leading in their industry. One step at a time; we completely take the stress off our Talents/Artistes so they can focus on improving their art and their life off the spotlight.

Music/Media Distribution

We help Talent/Artistes distribute and market their Music or media product on Digital Stores (ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Ebay, etc), TV/Radio, Venues, outdoor placements, DJs, Movies, Social Media etc

We also develop and execute tailored and unique promotion strategies suitable for the talent/artiste’s brand and audience.

Music/Talent Business Education

Education on the Business part of every craft is very important. For us we also want to educate not just our Talents/Artistes about the business of their art, but we want to educate other artistes and talents too. We do this weekly on our social media platforms, often on our podcasts and through our Talent Business Event – Audience Of 50.
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